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 Trends and Talk interview

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Always you, I come back to you
Always you, I come back to you

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PostSubject: Trends and Talk interview   Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:34 pm

I've translated with the help of my girlfriend a recent interview to Jennifer in a German Magazine. This is not an official translation, but It will help all of you to understand (if you don't speak german, hehe). The link to the original file is here:

Quote :
Trends & Talk. So hot, Jennifer!

The american singer Jennifer Paige is back with a hit single.

In 1998, she had her greatest success so far with the catchy song "Crush". Now she goes around with a new song: "Beautiful Lie". She recorded the single in duett with the Backtreet Boy Nick Carter. In Munich, she talks about love, sorrow and lovesongs.

Your megahit was about 10 years ago. Where have you been meanwhile?
- In my hometown Nashville, Tennessee. I moved there from LA because my mother was ill. She died last year and I was glad to be able to be with her. That was my best decision.

Has the pause on your carreer something to do with moving away from LA?
- Of course, my family helped me a lot when my pop songs didn't succeed after September 11. But I've learned early from my family how transient fame and money can be. My father went bankrupt with his company when I was a teenager. We lost everything. I've earned myself what I've got and have never seen success as heaven-sent. And I've always considered not to be sorrounded by the wrong people.

How did you end up recording a duet with Nick Carter?
- Nick and I got to know each other through friends at a party in Santa Monica. The chemistry between us immediately came up and quickly we had the idea of a duet. A song about relationships that we clung but which have no future.

Is there a man in your private life you plan your future with?
-Yes! My boyfriend Jason. He is a disco owner and we've known each other for two years. He has already made me a proposal and we want to get married in march. A comfortable country-marriage in Nashville with my family, lots of friends and our dogs. It'll be fantastic.

Do you already have an idea for your marriage dress?
- I'll be wearing my mother's marriage dress! It suits me perfectly. It's very chic in a 70's style. Short, with long sleeves and a small blue bow. I'll let it reform in order to make it look moderner.

What do you like wearing?
- Here in Munich I want to go to Pimkie and Zara of course. I would like to wear something by Gucci or Herrera, too, but I like to mix comfortable and expensive. It's cool when you have a look that is trendy and comfortable.

Like your jeans with hundreds of zips?
- (She Laughs) It's really comfortable! As well as the boots I'm wearing now. They are designed by Carlos Santana, by the way. I find it really cool that the old latin rocker makes such sexy shoes. Fashion and music go together well!
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Trends and Talk interview
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